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Sustainable greenery around you leads to happier life.
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Air Filteration

The presence of air-filtration plants add to the efficacy of ventilation tools. These plants filter air as their leaves suck out one or more of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are suitable to be kept indoors.

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Garden Accessories

We offer various accessories – pots, bird nests, wind chimes. We use natural, sustainable materials like jute, bamboo, coir and coconut shells. All the products come with the hallmark of longevity and top notch quality.

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Garden Decor

We give shape to your desired greenery experiences. Be it a balcony, terrace, front yard or backyard, or an office space. Putush specializes in creating theme based green decor in different kinds of spaces.

Putush creates a greener space for you to live, work and play around.
We create Garden Heaven for small spaces

Putush is a team of young and passionate professionals, coming together for the passion of adding greenery to lives. Our expertise lies in creating greenery with a heightened sense of aesthetics. This is the reason people tend to spend more time around the green spaces we create. Putush green decor goes on to cultivate deeper bond between you and your loved ones.


We are a small team of green evangelists.

ashish singh

Chief Greenery Officer
A passionate dreamer, believer in human possibility. Always looking for joys in simple things, everyday moments of life. Has a knack for asking questions, digging deeper into all the things. Wants to find sustainable solutions to everyday challenges.

Vinay Rawat

Marketing Guy
A trained engineer who breathes and eats digital media. The man from the mountains of Uttarakhand missed the greenery and fresh air of the hills for sure. So, what better way to cultivate fresh air, than spreading greenery. A true blue gitness enthusiast, cycling is his second nature.


A man wearing many hats. Gardening, office administration, transport liasoning and much more – he can sink in all the roles. Always willing to learn new skills. Sitting idle is one thing he hates the most. An active observe of Indian politics, he has a couple of suggestions for our leaders.


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